torstai 1. joulukuuta 2011

Art education support demonstration

Checked out the demonstration against the ongoing cuts in the art-education. Good speeches, even cultural minister had time to drop by. I was bit disapointed about the crowd. Even thought it was significantly bigger than last demonstration I was in, the great antibailout demonstration, it was still reasonably small. Apparently all the schools that will be closed down are too far from Helsinki. But nice demonstration anyway, even had some sort of performances and so. 2011-11-18-_MG_9511.CR2 2011-11-18-PB185036.ORF 2011-11-18-PB185040.ORF 2011-11-18-PB185030.ORF 2011-11-18-_MG_9522.CR2 2011-11-18-_MG_9515.CR2

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