tiistai 3. syyskuuta 2013

New Nokia


Today is a very emotional day for Finnish people. Nokia mobile phones have been important factor in our national self-esteem for decades, and now they are sold for Microsoft dirt cheap.


Nokia was known for very good engineering, they made practical products that were reasonably priced. The problem was that they were never very hip. Hipsters buy I-phones, not because they are well engineered or cheap, but because they are desirable and cool.


I thought Nokia never had any cool products, until last summer I found this pair of Nokia Kodikkaat from a flee-market in Alajärvi. These are some kind of indoor slippers, but they have a rubber sole thick enough for light urban outdoor use as well.


Right now everybody is speculating on which direction would Nokia turn next. Could this be the new Nokia? Hipsters would buy these like crazy, what could be more ironic than Nokia slippers? For a hipster it would also be an urbanistic statement: I am so urban, I don't even have shoes. For old people these could be sold with nostalgic reasons, and they do not need to go outside anyways.


And these would be perfect for ex-employees who can now finally dress casually, and only leave the house to buy beer. 


 Only time will tell what Nokia will end up producing, but we can only hope it would be something as cool as Kodikkaat are. 


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