tiistai 27. maaliskuuta 2012

Thanks to Pixelversity Trashlab challenge, I had a change to visit Polymer cultural factory in Tallinn 2012-03-20-DSCF7804.JPG
 Main entrance 2012-03-20-DSCF7805.JPG Going to visit a cultural factory, remember to bring trash 2012-03-20-DSCF7813.JPG There is everything from the soviet theater-costumes to..... well I do not know where 2012-03-20-DSCF7816.JPG
New rocket stove
2012-03-20-DSCF7824.JPG 2012-03-20-DSCF7828.JPG
Albert Laine working with what ever he finds. 2012-03-20-DSCF7835.JPG 2012-03-20-DSCF7874.JPG
Pitt of filth
2012-03-20-DSCF7883.JPG The sauna-compartment 2012-03-20-DSCF7889.JPG
Mikko Laajola working on his rocket stove
2012-03-22-IMG_6738.CR2 Alberts most favourite tool 2012-03-22-IMG_6779.CR2 2012-03-22-IMG_6790.CR2
Reuse exhibition
Thanks for the Polymer staff.

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