tiistai 13. toukokuuta 2014


2014-04-21-2014-04-21-DSCF8899 (Modified)
I was visiting a friend of mine in the countryside, and last nigt the lady of the house said she has an idea for the portrait. Since she is a very busy lady, and I was leaving next day there was very little time for this. So in the morning after her busy morning things she took me to the darkest attic and started to search for the pose she wanted.

I do not know if she found exactly what she wanted, but for a 15min set in the dark without any lights I think it is pretty good. BW straight out of camera and straight to the facebook.

Hope we will have more time for photography next time, I allways liked her style.

lauantai 3. toukokuuta 2014

Waste expedition to Kuusankoski

 I was wrapping up the Aave festival in a bar, and then another and another until it was five AM  in the morning. That was when I realized that I have to be at the Pixelache Waste expedition at 10.

OK, it is not super early, but post-festival monday is a very spesific day. Documenting a festival allways requires crazy amount of work, some amount of drinking and very little sleeping, so usyally day or two for resting afterwards would be nice.

But well waste expedition was very nice as well. I really love trash, visit to Kuusankoski gave me a peek to the busines side of the issue, whitch was pretty scare but very interesting.

Mikkeli WOW Slipnot


keskiviikko 23. huhtikuuta 2014

AAVE 2014

I was documenting AAVE-festival for the second time now. Lots of interesting stuff going on, interesting experiments and nice atmosphere.

Jukka Hautamäkis setup

VJ Suvi Suvereeni & Mirva

Hiitola installation

NYKY Ensemble - An Index of Metals

Zabelka Mani Mäkelä - Z000

Astepback - Amorfia

Koostra & Van der Rijt

sunnuntai 6. huhtikuuta 2014


Suomenlinna is a popular venue for hosting events, problem is that it is an island so if you miss the last ferry there is no way back. Tomasz Szrama and Liina Kuittinen desided turn this to their advantage, Tonight event started 12.00 and ended when the first ferrys start moving at 6 in the morning. 

 John Court

 Tero Nauha

Olga Prokhorova

 Gøril Wallin

And many others.

tiistai 18. maaliskuuta 2014


I was scanning and archiving my films, when came across this set of photos from around 2000-2005.  Back in the days I used to do a lot of slideshows, I made those mainly for bands and live artists.

My live-slideshows were always more or less improvised. This particular set I found was used on my exhibition in Gallery Maa-tila back in 2006. It has 80 photos, since Kodak rotary tray fits 80 photos. Bit long for web use, but thought I just share it as it was.

I did change to digital photography round 2005, and it did change the way I shoot quite a lot. And I stopped doing live slideshows as well.

lauantai 15. maaliskuuta 2014

Pasila Gallery

In Pasila there is an old railroadtunnel, that was named the Gallery in the 80's. Back in the days it was very important for the Finnish graffiti-scene.

Tunnel is still there, railroad-tracks are gone, most of the graffiti is dated 2012 and there are some construction sites closing up. Still it has some strange glory that keeps me coming back there.

Young people probably paint their graffiti-walls or other visible places, but Gallery seems to attract oldschoolers like trama.

tiistai 11. maaliskuuta 2014

Pentti Otto Koskinen at Huuto Jätkänsaari

Pentti Otto Koskinen is a mystic figure in Finnish performance art. He has been around for a very long time, but you never see him on big festivals or other well produced things. I guess he performs mostly on the streets and shares just photos of his performances on the internet.

Some time ago "Kirkko ryhmä", the church group had lured him to perform in a Gallery, so I had to go to see what he was up to.

But well, I am not going to start explaining, here are the photos.   

Text says something like "How you speak to the God"

keskiviikko 5. maaliskuuta 2014

Psychic TV, Tavastia

I have allways been a big fan of Genesis P. Orridge: performance stuff with the Coum Transmissions, pioneering industrial music with Throbbing Gristle, art-pop of Psychic TV and strange body-art he ended up doing in his later years.

So I was pretty curious when I noticed that he is actually touring in Finland. I was a bit surprised he had ended up playing some kind of psychedelic space-rock, but I guess surprising people is one of their aim.

Somehow very warm and emotional gig, well it was Orridges birthday and everything.

Created with flickr slideshow.


2014-03-02-DSCF2056.JPG by anttia
2014-03-02-DSCF2056.JPG, a photo by anttia on Flickr.

torstai 20. helmikuuta 2014

Rest in peace Tea Ista

Yesterday I was surfing the net minding my own business when stumbled upon some theater photos I had taken couple years ago from Mr Vertigo by Kristian Smeds. For some reason I did feel very emotional.

Today I read that Tea Ista, one of the actors had passed away. She was a radiant human being and a stunning actress, I feel really lucky that I had a change to experience a short glimpse of her.

It was very unfortunate and surprising that MR. Vertigo ended up being her last work, but in a way it was a good conclusion for a long career.

Thank you Tea, it surely was a privilege to work with you for this short while.