torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

Soft Moon at Kuudes Linja

Old friend of mine asked me to take photos of Soft moon when they visited Helsinki. Well any reason to go to a bar in good company sounds good to me.

Had never heard of the band before, facebook event mentioned familiar influences like Joy Division, Suicide and so, so I had some idea what to expect.

Had some good time, got some photos, drank some beer. Band was interesting, though perhaps bit too cool for my taste. Young hipsters and goths who crowded the bar were propably able to enjoy it more.    

I just have not yet learned to cope with the age of perfection, what I love about Suicide and Joy Division is that their imperfections. They sound like they only have a faint idea of what they want, and barely make it there, unlike these contemporary bands who know exactly what they want and how to get there.

Well the show was spectacular, do check it if you have a change.

Here are the photos

2013-04-02-DSCF6083.JPG 2013-04-02-IMG_3712.CR2 2013-04-02-IMG_3742.CR2 2013-04-02-DSCF6156.JPG 2013-04-02-IMG_3780.CR2 2013-04-02-DSCF6177.JPG

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